Katja Schimmel

first try to build an illuminated sign

finished it today


finished poster


"I have so much to do that I am going to bed"

poster in progress
Augenmaß - Die Fähigkeit mit dem Auge Entfernungen einzuschätzen
Augenmaß (ger.: visual judgement)

This is one project I will show on the exhibition in Weimar this week.

I took the letters from an old stamp set (from around 1920) and digitalized them, so that they can be used on the computer. For the exhibition I created two typographic posters and one informational leporello.

Pictures of the exhibition starting on thursday will follow soon.

I´m excited for the exhibition next week.
This is one piece I will show there. A book about the discovery of the first pulsar by Jocelyn Bell Burnell. 
(better pictures will come soon)
I hope the semester break is coming quick :)
designing my own first type. The submission is an old stamp set from around 1910… designed the capitals first (“W” is printed to smal)in progress

my first portrait shot taken with the Mamiya 645
Want to take more pictures with it!

Portrait of me by: Michael Paul Romstöck